Gündoğdu Köken Olive Oils are produced using the cold-pressed technique from carefully picked and distinguished Tirilye Type Oily olives. We provide wholesale services for corporate companies, restaurants and hotels that want to choose our natural, high quality and delicious “gourmet olive oil” varieties. We also have gourmet “corporate gift” options for corporate companies.

If you are looking for delicious alternatives for promotional organizations, dealer meetings and new year gifts, you can contact us.

Our Corporate Solutions for Restaurants

The choice of gourmets, Gündoğdu Köken olive oil is used in many famous restaurant kitchens. With our passion for olive oil, the importance we give to quality and taste, we promise to improve the food of restaurants. You can contact us for your kitchen uses, table top services and different packaging requests.

For our corporate solutions, you can contact our team via info@gundogdukoken.com e-mail address or phone 0 224 282 20 19.