Koken Gourmet Bundle


Köken Gourmet Bundle: The secret formula for enhancing your usual dishes.

Package Content: “Gourmet Bundle” consisting of Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Lt  + Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Lt Tin + Handmade Olive Oil Soap

Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Late harvest olive oil is obtained by the ripened olives which are harvested during November-December. The olives are handpicked, extracted in the same day, bottled without touching and they are only exposed to mechanical processes. You can use our late harvest extra virgin olive oil, which is produced completely naturally in our facility, in all your meals to boost your health and delight.

Early Harvest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A very valuable olive oil obtained by extracting the olives when they are not fully ripe which are harvested at the end of September – the beginning of October. We are strongly recommending this precious olive oil; with it’s high aroma, low acidity (0.3 – 0.5%), fresh smell and unique taste, it will boost your breakfasts, salads, cold appetizers and all other kitchen wonders.

Handmade Olive Oil Soap: Produced by traditional methods using only our own olive oil, there are no additives in our olive oil soaps. Pure and fully natural; suitable for all skin types for hand & full body cleaning.