Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Lt


Late harvest olive oil is obtained by the ripened olives which are harvested during November-December. The olives are handpicked, extracted in the same day, bottled without touching and they are only exposed to mechanical processes.

Compared to early harvest olive oil, late harvest olive oil has a higher acidity with has a mild aroma and a smooth flavor.

Late harvested olive oil, protects the body against many cardiovascular diseases by regulating the cholesterol ratio in the blood; can also be used as a medicine for certain diseases such as diabetes, gastritis and ulcers.

You can use our late harvest extra virgin olive oil, which is produced completely naturally in our facility, in all your meals to boost your health and delight.

Terms of Use:

  • It should be consumed within 24 months from the date of manufacture.
  • It should be stored in a dark and cool place away from sunlight.
  • Contact with air should be minimized by not leaving the lid open for a long time.